Retrospective Facilitator Gathering

Regardless of what we discover...

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When: April 13-18, 2008

  • Most people are arriving on Sunday - dinner is provided in the evening
  • The gathering starts on Monday 10:00 with welcome and getting to know you
  • The Open Space will start on Monday afternoon (see Open Space Laws and Principles)
  • Norm will give a talk on Tuesday after breakfast
  • Wednesday has a networking_afternoon and there will be some excursions planned with packed lunches
  • The Open Space will close on Thursday before a special dinner
  • Friday morning is dedicated to a Retrospective of the gathering
  • The gathering finishes with lunch on Friday

Where: Ammerdown, United Kingdom (just near Bath) - @Google Maps

  • The gathering will be in a retreat center that provides residential accommodation and Meeting Rooms in one building.
  • The Local Area is rural the nearest shops are 2 miles away. See Getting There
  • Meals are included in registration - provided at the center - it will be simple food.
  • Bar the centre has a bar which serves alcoholic and other beverages - we have asked for this to be open in the evenings.
  • Like last year we have a page where everyone can add their Arrival Time and Departure Time so that we can co-ordinate traveling plans.

Survival Guide to the Gathering

We have prepared a Survival Guide which we encourage you to read. We are also keeping a list of Frequently Asked Questions so please add any more questions you have there.

  • If it is your first time attending the gathering the see NewcomersAndBuddies
  • THE GATHERING IS FULL so please don't advertise to colleagues
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