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Topic Incubator

Use this space to let folks know what session topics you're thinking about and see what they're considering. What's on your mind that would benefit from a discussion with your peers? Questions, information to share, inspirations, exasperations, ???

  • I am interested in experiences with virtual retros as we are going to introduce new software in our company which should make this easier - Roman
  • Influences of different group sizes to methods used in retrospectives - Roman
  • Does anybody have experience with methods/tools that could be used for root cause analysis (as part of a retrospective)? The goal is to identify some systematic errors (as far as possible) and their root causes. - Ervin
  • Interested in discussing a coach's/facilitator's code of ethics. Are there ways to ensure we (& others) “do no harm”? - Kilby
  • Interested in better ways to launch new facilitators? In martial arts, there are those who study for years and those who learn some simple “self defense” techniques. Are there similar patterns to teach the new facilitator when they are in unexpected situations? - Kilby
  • Interested in techniques for designing new facilitation exercises both face-to-face and distributed - Kilby
  • Interested in change fatigue and how we can continually inspect and adapt without overburdening the system or the people - Weston
  • Interested in techniques for making retrospectives with a group of executives (Agile Transition Team) effective. Which of the usual team-level techniques still work? Which don't? What better techniques can we use? (Attention span tends to be limited; time tends to be limited; topics tend to be large.) This might simply fit it with Kilby's item on designing exercises. - Ronica
  • Reaching (and understanding) people who tend not to be introspective. - George
  • Drawing in the quiet, the shy, the H1B contractor… - George
  • Interested in learning more about Retrospective activities so as to apply best activities according to a new Team’s maturity (Forming\Storming \ Norming \ Performing) and gain team commitment and buy-in. Brad
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