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Topic Incubator

Use this space to let folks know what session topics you're thinking about and see what they're considering. What's on your mind that would benefit from a discussion with your peers? Questions, information to share, inspirations, exasperations, ???

  • I would be interested in all the people and their worst retrospective facilitation experience but unfortunately this year I will not be able to participate - cheers, Roman
  • Spread the word! How? I have found it very difficult to get “strangers” curious about retrospectives, specifically getting people to attend sessions about retrospectives at general development conferences. In Swedish it is a big problem that there is no good word for retrospectives that people instinctively “get”. In some occasions I have had a bit of success though, and I would like to learn about other experiences trying to whip up an interest for retrospectives. - Chris Hedgate
  • Next round of Where Are Your Keys (the fluency game) and how it relates to retrospectives - Diana Larsen
  • Product focus in retrospectives - I have often experienced that retrospective participants gets tired of evaluating team and work processes focus, especially in iteration retrospectives. Several inquires has been made regarding increasing focus on the product instead. What is the right balance between these two concerns, and to what extent should the facilitator prepare for this? Thomas Schmidt
  • Motivating Moderate Men - Breaking the ice in a room full of (primarily) male technical oriented participants can be a challenge. How do we best appeal to, and warm up a bunch of programmers who perhaps isn't used to this degree of participation? Thomas Schmidt

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