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2012 Session Results

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Monday May 7

Tuesday May 8

Tu1.1 Continuous Retrospectives ?

Tu1.2 MVR - Minimum Viable Retrospective

Tu1.3 Root Cause Analysis Techniques

Tu2.1 Retros as tools for change management

Tu2.2 Suits in Retrospectives

Tu2.3 Open your mind

Tu3.1 Pros and cons of focus or breadth in independent consulting

Tu4.1 Team Reconnaissance - Scanning - Radar before the retrospective.

Tu4.2 Distributed Retrospectives

Tu4.3 The Prime Directive

Wednesday May 9

We1.1 Playing fearless journey

We1.2 Retrospectives Training - Techniques

We2.1 Solutions focused on a daily basis

We2.2 Initiating Change using Retrospectives (by example)

We4.1 Evaluating the usefulness/effectiveness of retrospectives

We4.2 Retrospectives and Neuroscience

We5.1 Deep Dive to Agile Chartering

Thursday May 10

Th1.1 Human System Dynamics & Retrospectives

Th2.1 Three Levels of Listening

Th3.1 Solution Focussed Retrospectives

Th3.2 Collected Coaching Questions

Th3.3 Movie Retrospective

Th3.4 Storylines

Th3.5 Map of the RFGs 2002-2012

Th4.4 Retrospectives from Hell

Th Closing the Circle

Friday May 11 - Retrospective

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