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2013 Departure Information

Please add your departure information and optional contact details. If we add departure times in chronological order then it will be easier to see who might travel together.

Departure date Airport Flight no / departure time your name e-mail cell phone car or cab?
Fri 12/04 Norfolk (ORF) UA4937/5:10pm Eric Rapin [email protected] +1 415-420-2684 being driven by Ainsley (and III)
Fri 12/04 Norfolk (ORF) UA5871/5:46pm Diana Larsen & Willem Larsen [email protected] [email protected] +1 503 705 5156 being driven by Ainsley (and III)
Fri 12/04 Norfolk (ORF) UA5871/5:46pm Susan DiFabio [email protected] +1 630 606 0682 riding with Esther
Fri 12/04 Laura Burke [email protected] +1 609.529.8437 driving to Raleigh or staying the weekend in the Outer Banks
Fri 12/04 Norfolk (ORF) UA3829/1:23pm Charlotte Malther [email protected] +45 21717207 ??
Fri 12/04 Norfolk (ORF) UA3755/3:11pm Jutta Eckstein [email protected] +49 160.723.2033 rental car, happy to take anyone
Fri 12/04 Norfolk (ORF) DL3922/18:30 Esther Derby [email protected] +1 612 239 1214 rental car
Fri 12/04 Norfolk (ORF) KL6424/18:55 Ervin Horvath [email protected] +3630 9907725 rental car
Sat 13/04 George Dinwiddie [email protected] +1 410-978-7948 driving to Maryland
Sat 13/04 Norfolk (ORF) DL1376/5:20pm Simon Cromarty [email protected] +44 7796 365 410 travelling with @joh - returning rental car, happy to share with others
Sat 13/04 Norfolk (ORF) SW 2212/07:15am John Martin [email protected] +1 240.535.7248 rental car
Sat 13/04 Norfolk (ORF) LH 5237/01:45pm Andreas Schliep [email protected] +49 151.22366626 happy to join George, John or Simon
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