Retrospective Facilitator Gathering

Regardless of what we discover...

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Add topics here that you might want to discuss at the gathering:

  • Advertising the value of better retrospectives
  • Keeping variety, interest & progress when running frequent retrospectives over a period of months (or years)
  • Addressing the elephant in the room
  • Building a facilitation community
  • Recurrent “big” problems that don't get fixed
  • What happens when all the low-hanging fruit is gone?
  • Telling stories in retrospectives
  • When retrospectives go wrong - war stories, lessons and ideas
  • Moving away from “whack-a-mole” and towards pattern identification.
  • How to perform root-cause analysis of defects in an effective way
  • “New pots from old, new pots from old”- Using old activities to make new ones
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