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2015 Departure Information

Please add your departure information and optional contact details. If we add departure times in chronological order then it will be easier to see who might travel together.

Eric: I am leaving Tahoe on Sun the 17th. Anyone willing to drive to the Reno-Tahoe Airport (RNO) and then to San Francisco (including SFO), please let me know by sending an email to Taking the side trip to RNO adds a little over an hour making the total journey approx. 4.5 hours.

Departure date Airport Flight no / departure time your name e-mail cell phone car or cab?
Fri 15/05 Reno/Tahoe (RNO) UA 6454 / 2:06pm Charlotte Malther +45 2171 7207 looking for ride
Fri 15/05 Reno/Tahoe (RNO) SWA 583 / 2:15pm George Dinwiddie gdinwiddie @ +1 410-978-7948 looking for ride
Fri 15/05 RNO UA 5528 / 4:45 pm Jutta Eckstein +49-160-723-2033 looking for a ride
Fri 15/05 RNO 4:30 pm Ervin Horvath horvat2 @ +36 30 9907725 looking for a ride to RNO
Sat 16/05 Reno/Tahoe (RNO) SWA 2220 / 12:20pm David Horowitz david @ +1 443-285-2317 rental car, 2 seats available
Sun 17/05 returning to San Francisco city, via Reno airport, could also drop at SFO N/A Eric Rapin +1-415-420-2684 Renting a 15-passenger van, currently have 9 spaces available
Sat 16/05 RNO/SFO RNO: UA6336 / 10:46am Andreas Schliep / Peter Beck shuttle w/ Susan
Fri 15/05 N/A soon after Closing Ainsley & III +1 650 207 1194 room for 2 + luggage to SFO
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