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2016 Departure Information

Please add your departure information and optional contact details. If we add departure times in chronological order then it will be easier to see who might travel together.

Departure date Airport Flight no / departure time your name e-mail cell phone car or cab?
Friday 29 April Faro LH 1163 15.10 Charlotte Malther [email protected] +45 21717207 Have rented a car together with Aino
Friday 29 April Faro LH 1163 15.10 Aino Corry [email protected] +45 29 72 84 26 Have rented a car together with Charlotte
Friday 29 April Lagos Rail Europe 17:00 Diana Larsen [email protected] +150370551567 Train to Lisbon, stay in Lisbon Friday night; fly to AMS KL 1692 5:00 on Saturday, thence on to US. Need ride to Lagos on Friday after RFG closing. Can someone who's going to Faro drop me off in Lagos on the way?
Friday 29 April Faro 6am flight Saturday Glenn W. [email protected] +16132940052 Share a cab/shuttle?
Friday 29 April Faro 6:10am flight Saturday Susan DiFabio [email protected] +16306060682 Need ride to hotel near the airport
Friday 29 April Faro AB2417 19:00 Martin Heider [email protected] +49 172 8216546 If I get a lift for arrival I would share a cab/shuttle. Otherwise I might be able to offer a place in a rented car
Saturday 30 April Faro LH 1163 15.10 Gitte and Daniel [email protected] +4526847440 Have rented a car - have two places
Saturday 30 April Faro AB 3167 17.40 Malte [email protected] +49 151 230 33826 Have rented a car
Saturday 30 April Faro HV 6608 18.00 Ben Linders & Mary-Joan [email protected] +31 6 2901 3863 Have rented a car
Saturday 30 April Lisbon TP566 18:00 Toby Baier [email protected] +49 151 17107 835 Rented a car
Sunday 1 May Lisbon UA65/10:25am Eric Rapin [email protected] +1 415 420 2684 Going with Luis
Sunday 1 May Lisbon (LIS) AA739/10:45 George Dinwiddie [email protected] +1-410-978-7948 (probably not working) I couldn't get a good flight earlier, so I took this one. Anyone else going to Lisbon?
Friday April 29 Faro OR684 15:20 Jordann Gross [email protected] +316 30 173 499 Need to be back in the Netherlands for next trip, so will leave quite quick after conference is over
Friday April 29 Faro TP1900 06:05 Jutta Eckstein [email protected] +49 160 723 2033 I tried very hard and keep trying.. I need to be back in Germany early in the evening. However, that seems not to be possible from where we are :-( As it is now, I will miss the Friday closing
Saturday 30 April Lisbon BA0501 11:00 Karen Lechner [email protected] +1 907 723 7383 Need a ride Friday 29 April. Staying in Lisbon Friday night. Alternately may take the train from Lagos back to Lisbon Friday 29 April. Would only need a ride to Lagos after RFG closing.
Sat, April 30 Faro 4U7643 17:25 Sebastian Eichner [email protected] +49 151 67231015 I'll drive to Faro airport for the afternoon flight - i can drop off others along the way or at the airport too.
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