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Inclusive Collaboration Experiments (Aino Corry, Lounge 9.15) (Aino, Therese, Markus, Kim, Enrico, Jenny, Kevin, Ken)

This session was inspired by, and based on the book; Inclusive Collaboration Experiments by Dr. Sal Freudenberg and Katherine Kirk.

The session had the following agenda:

We talked about the theory behind inclusiveness when it comes to neuro-diversity. We discussed different aspects, e.g. how to communicate with a group of people of which some may be challenged in different ways. One example is people who suffer from attention deficit. A challenge for them is to pay attention to the “right” things since they are disturbed by a lot of input. When giving a message to the entire group. for instance explaining the next part of the meeting or an activity, it is not enough to say it out loud to the group once. Some people need to know that they should pay attention now, either by hearing their name or a light touch on the shoulder (if they are ok with that). It can be helpful also just to say things twice, so that everybody has a chance to “zone in” on what is being said.

And then it was time for experiments. The first experiment was drawing between lines, but with the handicap that you had to look through a mirror, you could not look directly at the lines on the paper. This turned out to be very hard, especially with left-right confusion. The point was to get empathy with people who see things in a different way than yourself:

The second experiment; now the handicap was being tickled by a feather (we used the feather at the end of the talking stick). The point was to see how it felt to do something even relatively easy while being bothered in a sensory way. The “victim” (which is this case was Aino) should copy a simple sentence while being tickled in the face. This proved to be very difficult indeed. The point was to get empathy with people who easily get sensory overload.

The session was graphically recorded in the most beautiful way by Kevin Callahan:

Editors: Therese Hansen & Aino Corry

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