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3 Simple Way To End Internet Link Hijackers

There are many ways to make an honest sale although some just try to look for the very best deals possible, online. There was a time when people that were surfing the Net were more prone to click on the affiliate links and get stuff without thinking too much of it. Perhaps not it appears that the things are slightly different, because of the fact that the costs are more than they were before and many people make an effort to 'Hijack' the profits by replacing the ID of the internet links with their ID.

Lets guess that you've an internet link such as www.productdomain.. com/?affID, and the hijacker will replace your link with his ID, that is 'newID': www.productdomain. Be taught further about link empereor by browsing our tasteful article. com/?newID. This powerful link emporor paper has some wonderful lessons for where to deal with it. This is how he manages to simply take the cash that is truly yours.

There are also cases when the hijacker will replace your ID in the link. The visitors will soon be redirected to the ordinary URL and choose the products they discover there, without even seeing your ID (it'd appear to be www.productdomain.. com). In both cases, you'll loose your fee.

Listed below are few tips that may help any affiliate business-to fight-back those 'hijackers' and reduce them to ever 'dice' your affiliate link. These are good tips, but if someone actually attempts to take your payment, it may succeed, finally.

IDEA no 1

To be able to cover the affiliate link you need to use a caffeine software redirect page. To get other interpretations, consider checking out: linkemporer. Here's where your affiliate link can be found and the customers can have access to your services and products. This is an effective way in order to avoid a maximum coverage of your affiliate link in emails or ezine ads, before the customer is re-directed to the real affiliate link, where your ID can be viewable.

Here's an example of how drinks this be done: http://productdomain.. com/productA.html, and the ID is seen in the address bar 'productdomain.' Even though the hijackers can eventually access your internet link, they will not access it directly from your own sites or newsletters. The free direct scripts are available often with free java scripts.


You can also utilize a zero-frame that can hide the affiliate link and give the impression that you redirect people to one of the pages of your site. This technique is employed from the direct ser-vices as 'sub-domains' and you will be given an URL for example http://productA.productdomain. Net..

IDEA no 3

The top way to protect you affiliate links is by using affiliate link cloaker application. Visitors will be re-directed to something that seems like your web-page but brings in the affiliate link including the services. (Here is the url example of how it would look: http://ww.productdomain.. com/recommends/productA). Discover extra info on our favorite related essay by visiting website.

For that reason, never send a 'naked' link through the affiliate programs. There are always hijackers waiting for this, and they may get your commission without you eve being aware of it..

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