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5 Rules of _Blank_ Learning Session hosts: Diana Larsen & Willem Larsen

Discussion of the definition of “learning” - learning as 1) knowledge or information acquisition 2) building mastery of skills (e.g., language learning, technical skills, etc.), tacit knowledge 3) eye opening

Short-term learning vs long term practice-based learning

You know you've learned when you can apply it in a new context - DeMarco & Lister

4 levels of learning evaluation:

* Enjoyed the course

* Pre/ post-test performance

* Transfer back to apply at work

* Makes a difference to the organization

5 “Rules”

ALIVE - Serve Aliveness to generate energy for learning

Indicators: laughter, tears, cooperation,trust, food, air, urgency, immediacy, safety, emotional shared experience, movement, transformation, shift position (form new groups), one word, cookies, generate surprise, break the pattern, new domain, tell a joke, sing a song, dance, call a break, clear the room, sit someplace else, storytelling, favorite things

FLUENCY - Pursue fluency to expand capacity

Indicators: “Try it out!” Bowman's “Connection, concept, concrete Practice, Conclusion” Pairing, Simulations/ exercising pathways, explain it to someone else, last person to learn teaches the newbie, building the backlog, listening-talking-ding-teaching, Do then Debrief, try it again, repetition

SIGNAL - Amp Signal to initiate action

Indicators: involve multiple senses,pair teaching, pizza-driven abstract learning, time oz, anchoring, raising hand, ritual, repetition, turn drawing upside down, hand signs, patterns

FOCUS - Narrow focus to increase proficiency

Indicators: Do ONE thing, remove distractions, Choose a focus for a retro, titled flip chart, Good enough for now, bundling boxes, multi sensory, visible back long /agenda, lean coffee, clear definitions, offsite location, iteration length, cadence, snorkeling

SETTING - Design the Setting accordingly

Indicators: Rearrange the room,move the flip chart!get rid of the podium, participants rearrange the room, inflatable parrots, 5 seasons, social engineering,getting acquainted, eating together, slack ,costume

Retrospective Techniques, Activities, Practices that apply the 5 Rules - During preparation look for opportunities to apply rules - Team data board re-set from wall to table for “sitting around the campfire” - Deciding what to do

Turn the dials up to 11!

Suggestions for titling

5 patterns….

5 guidelines…

5 competencies…

5 rules of {being alive}

Bring there

Virtuosity Living Learning

Living Practice

Delete “Virtuosity”…virtuoso = solo practice, might not apply to teams, non-collaborative connotation


Alexander <em> Pattern Language </em> and other pattern languages PLOP

new book <em> Pedagogical Patterns </em>

Takashi Iba patterns for learning

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