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Is it possible to freeze your eggs for future use?

What Is Egg Freezing And When To Put It To Use?

As we age, comes troubles that generally can't be stopped. For many ladies past the age of 35, one issue that can cause major depression is inability to conceive. With the infertility happening at such a young age, lots of ladies are left with an unfortunate duration in life, never ever having the ability to know the jubilant experience of childbirth. However, there are a few women that likes to be infertile and they use an approach named social egg freezing until they find the best individual to have babies with.

Egg Freezing, The Facts?

Egg freezing is a technique of choosing to end up being sterile till you discover an ideal partner. The “social” part of the names originates from its social application. Since its discovery, social egg freezing has grown popular. This method is currently provided by numerous nations, like Britain, Netherlands, as well as the USA.

Egg Freezing Procedure

Inside every ladies's ovaries are eggs which are produced once a month. Just in case a female wishes to know the number of eggs she presently has, she can avail a testing for a fertility hormone inhibin B to reveal her the number of healthy eggs. If the lady wishes to freeze her eggs and save them for later on use, a process called Oocyte cryopreservation, or “egg freezing” is done on her. The first procedure is to take dosages of IVF drugs that will assist the ovaries promote and create healthy eggs with reproductive sac. As soon as this occurs, the eggs are fertilized with controlled sperm donations, and then the women is sedated for egg extraction. A small opening will certainly be scalped into the vaginal wall structure which withdraws the egg utilizing a hollow point needle. This procedure is then accompanied by freezing the egg, with regulated temperatures up until the females wishes to conceive.

Egg Freezing Advantages

There are many benefits of using egg freezing considering that it could assist someone have a baby at their own time. If a partner isn't found, or the existing partner is not appropriate to be a parent, eggs may be frozen for an indefinite amount of time, implying when an ideal partner is found, they're readily available. Although egg freezing could be a pricey process for some, over time egg freezing has the potential to bring a wondrous experience to those who feel they are ready to look after a kid.

Egg Freezing Chicago Illinois

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