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How hard would it be to produce millions of dollars on the net ? In case a young punk kid from East London, who dropped outta university, slaved his way in a serious construction site - could get it done, you are able to too… right?

Internet Marketing Event London

This most likely the most valuable article you ever read, or at best this entire year.

Now this is my first ever completely new blog post after being in this niche for Five years, generating huge amount of money and helping average people from around the globe start and also be an online business, i’ll share my lessons, the good, the bad and the ugly. Announcing : My First Post :-)

Question : How possibly did i buy here ? LOL.

I can't really blog and i'll tweak this over time - the good news is i've Three hours on the airplane likely to Montreal to meet a billionaire after which going to Cancun, Mexico…. hearing “I Made It, by Jay Sean & Kevin Rudolf” - the irony there…

and also since i been performing a great deal of thinking, reflecting, praying, reading, and that i just see this new report by John Reese it inspired me to produce something of immense value….

i write these things for my exclusive “Money Getting Newsletter” rather than for that public, this may not be perfect at all, it's my initially try at attempting to create this sorta content.

However i promise it'll be filled with gold, wisdom and nuggets that are priceless for you personally if you're trying to achieve success, you’ll save time, money and heartache which i went thru…

M friend John Chow (Blogging Guru) will look at this thing and tell me you need to of structured it properly etc. lol.

Screw you bro. ;-)

OK before, my add takes over - To this website post…

Ok, so moving on - here’s where i’m at now.

I’m 25.

I’m still 25lbs overweight!! Dammit man, i’m still a piece in progress.

I’ve created 3 MILLION dollar businesses in the last couple of years.

This month i did maybe $12,300 per day in sales on average for your month. No, i didn’t arrive at keep everything that, maybe a little ;-)

I recieve to visit the world - whenever i'd like. In Montreal, Canada now.

I’m single - no girlfriend now, if you’re looking over this, then i'm deffo not interested. Sorry!

I have connected with and made friends with 90% of the Top Marketers, movers & shakers during my industry.

I’ve invested like $250,000 within my own education, actually i'm jetting-off to Mexico right now to get a $30,000 mastermind.

I built, cultivated one of the, otherwise the best RESPONSIVE newsletter within my industry, wait till you look at this entire post till the end. - See pic below, should i say anymore ? ;-)

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 06.04.18

I will be the Youngest, Highest Paid Multi-Million Dollar Top Producer in the entire work from home business industry. ;-)

I own the #1 DFY Traffic agency - in your home biz arena.

Basically, i have a great business design that’s working now - it’s given me time, money and location freedom.

In tangible black & white terms, i’ve worked my ass on get to where i'm now, it’s not been easy, it sometimes still is difficult but i love a few things i do and it’s always worth it. There is no price not big enough for Freedom. ;-)

Although i’m planning to go live it to the beaches now in Cancun, Mexico, going to this 5 Diamond Resort for few weeks. It’s around $599 or something like that crazy to remain there to get a night directly on probably the most whitest-cool-sandy-sun kissed beaches overlooking the mesmerizing blueish/greenish ocean.

That life does sometimes get boring - you ever try to spend more than Two days located on the shore, sipping a virgin mojito (i don’t drink) - you ever try that shit ? It gets boring. lol. Still i’ll choose that over a cubicle any day…

Now how the heck did a punk kid from East London (Tower Hamlets), dropped away from university, utilized to operate in the construction sites of East London, now reach this stage - well there’s like 1001 secrets - but i’ll share the most notable 13 that you need….

What’s most of all since you're reading this - what else could you learn from me….

Aren’t a lucky sod to become scanning this - as i’m about to pour my damn heart into this. ;-) BTW this is not some professional advice or whatever, this is just stuff that’s helped me. Results will be different. Yada yada yada.

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