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Psychobilly Clothing

Psychobilly is a combination of Rockabilly and punk, and not only encompasses Psychobilly clothing and fashion but music along with other items linked to the alternative culture. Psychobilly style is basically an latest version of Rockabilly clothing with elements of punk combined. The edgy style was popularised in the UK in the 1970s by combining the teddy boy looks of the 50s with the emerging punk fashion and culture. It became popular in the US within the 1990s although the music itself experienced a different flavour to it.

Punk Styling

In terms of Psychobilly clothing, the combination leans more towards punk than it can the clean cut picture of teddy boy fashion. Suits and clean shoes are out while shredded and stained denim, Doc Martens, brothel creepers, and drain pipe jeans are very much in. Patches are added to virtually all clothing to give it a raw feeling, as well as the Psychobilly fashion that incorporates band logos and names.

Design Styles

Psychobilly fashion is extremely much comic or old fashioned horror movie inspired. It's garish and bright and routinely features pictures ofskulls and zombies, and post-apocalyptic imagery. The politics free emblems are frequently related to new bands as well as the old classics just like the Meteors and King Kurt. The fashion is a lot more a throw returning to the early events of rockabilly as opposed to the cleaner cut style that followed.

Clothing And Trends

Hair, tattoos, making-up are also crucial in the Psychobilly fashion world. The quiffs defylogic and gravity, and many people's idea of hair colour with bright reds and greens as fashionable as every other colour. Tattoos also are generally loud, like the music, and in line with the post-nuclear-holocaust and low budget horror movie genres. If you're intoloud and obvious, and fun fashion then Psychobilly clothes is the right choice for you.

Skull T-Shirts

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