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The Best Stun Guns Prices!

stun gun - The stun gun is a very popular electroshock weapon that uses high voltage to stun an attacker. However, as the amperage is rather low, it doesn’t cause severe or lasting injury. Therefore, you can utterly rely on it for self defense. But, remember that, you must be within the arm’s reach to use this weapon, as it requires direct contact to shock the attacker. This weapon is a blessing from heaven, especially for those women who work in silent area and often encounter muggers; it provides them the sense of security 24/7. Stun guns affect directly on the nervous system. And, that’s what injects the fear in the veins of the assailant, and paralyze him with fright. Actually, our brain is incessantly sending signals to our body for each movement; when the stun gun interrupts those signals, and when its high voltage collides and shocks the person nastily, it results in the loss of balance and bewilderment and leaves the person in a very confused state. This situation, actually, gives the victim time to do more damage to the assailant or run for security. Never been stunned? No problem, we can make you imagine it. Can you recall the feeling when you accidently hit your funny bone? Now multiply that feeling with ten thousand and extend it throughout your entire body. That feeling of millions of tiny needles going through your body, results in physical, mental, and emotional suffering for the time being. If you’re concerned regarding your, or your loved ones, security, and wish to possess a stun gun, allow me to give you the names of the best stun guns, which are rather credible in quality and professional in use, and reveal their prices. - VIPERTEK VTS-191 This heavy duty stun gun really delivers the punch; it’s 6.75” in size, with flashlight and rechargeable battery. The sound it creates is loud enough to make any assailant jump with panic and scare him off. However, if the assailant still makes the move, the 25 million volt would certainly bring him on his knees, and sign the death warrants of his aggression. According to VIPERTEK’s stun gun users, the VIPERTEK VTS-191 is especially not only powerful, but also a marvel of a design; it’s the best among all the other guns of VIPERTEK; it operates rather easily and offers you the peace of mind when you’re alone on the roads, on in the parking lots; you can place your hands on this professional weapon if you’ve around $18.98 in your pockets. All in all, it’s an excellent product, with an excellent price. - TERMINATOR TERMINATOR is a registered US trademark; their stun guns are certainly one of the best. The standard compact size of the terminator is 2“ x 7/8” x 4“. It has an internal rechargeable battery as well, which comes with the lifetime warranty. In addition, this particular stun gun has a rubber grip that makes it non slippery and provides you a firm hold, which is, of course, the sign of the elite stun gun. The TERMINATOR can create up 15 millions volts, which is enough to scare even a giant. Although, it appears simple, but when you on it, you feel the change in the atmosphere, it emits the scariest sound and floods the people around you with terror. However, when you exploit its power virtually, it awards the assailant most painful and traumatic experience and impels him to breathe the breaths of regret… If I say, with its life-saving features, it’s rather economical, only $10.98, it would be utterly right. In fact, it would be the best bargain. - MTW-825 CANN-KS It’s not possible to hide this latent weapon in your pockets since it’s bigger in size compared to other professional stun guns. But, this is actually the secret of its success; with the appearance of the flash light, the assailant doesn’t realize that it’s actually a stun gun which can haunt him entire life with its intense and powerful 2.9 million volt jolt. It’s actually designed to deceive the assailants, and because of its larger size, the user also feels comfortable to defend him/her self from a tad longer range… Just don’t panic when the assailant surrender on the floor with pain, as it’s mean and intimidating, and adds the next-level of pains in the veins. Because of its high quality and top-notch ratings, people often recommend it, and buy it again and again for their loved ones. Moreover, the reasonable price of MTW-825 CANN-KS, just $14.98, is enough to market itself on a grand level. - POLICE 19,300,000 V Heavy Duty In stun guns, this is the newest member of the POLICE brand at the moment. Though, it weighs less than 1 pound, but it would be unwise to underestimate its abilities; it releases the tsunamis of terrific pain when it’s active and makes the assailant terrified with its intimidating electrical sound. When we canvass its technical abilities, we discover that it has a built-in charger. Therefore, you don’t need to carry any chord; just plug it into any standard wall outlet, and it would start consuming its power with the lightening speed. Furthermore, this particular stun gun has an exceptional feature of an incredibly loud siren, which can utterly fright any attacker, especially when it blends with the visible current and its intimidating sound; once the attacker experience this deadly combination, he runs for his life and keep his tail between his legs. According to ‘Police 19,300,000 V Heavy Duty’ users, when someone experiences its 19 million volts, it takes him 5 to 10 minutes to come into senses and make a full recovery. So, secure yourself, and your family, with just $24.99; this stun gun has a high rating and verified purchasers that speak affluence regarding it. - Guard Dog iStun Cell Phone According to a search held in 2012, more than 35% of the robbers attempt to snatch the smart phones. In some specific areas this ratio exceeds 50%. If you’ve also previously experienced the smart phone snatcher, or if you’re living in that area where the ratio of robberies is rather high, buy the Guard Dog iStun Cell Phone. Though, you can’t browse the internet, make calls, or check your emails, but you can convey an immensely powerful shock to the assailant if he’s pondering harming you; he would be deceived with its unique appearance and avoid coming near to you again; it would be like a surprise for him that would daze him and compel him to taste the dust. The Guard Dog iStun Cell Phone has a safety switch as well that avert any accidental discharge; you can easily have this world-class weapon, Guard Dog iStun Cell Phone, for just $16.36. And, protect you, and your loved ones for the rest of your life. Concluding Thoughts Before your place your hands on any of these credible, and professional, stun guns, remember that the use of them isn’t allowed in some regions. And, besides, the company can’t be held responsible if you’re using it in any unlawful way. Apart from this, don’t worry regarding getting shocked, when you’re using it, since unlike other electroshock equipments, stun guns use DC current. Albeit you’re in a physical contact with the assailant, the use of the stun gun won’t affect you, as it affects only that area where it touches, and the current doesn’t pass through the body… So, wish to feel safer? Buy any one of them, as they aren’t only the best, but also cut the courage of the assailant as the hot knife cuts the butter!

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