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North Carolina Down Payment Support Programs

Online Merchant account - The North Carolina Housing Finance Agency has two amazing programs for First Time Home Buyers. These programs are the deposit Assistance System as well as the Mortgage Credit Certificate.

If you qualify for one of those plans and also you purchase a property between January 1, 2009 and December 1, 2009, you might also be eligible for the $8,000 tax credit merely enacted into law in the Federal Economic Stimulus Plan.

First, who's a first-time Home Buyer? There is a first-time Home Buyer someone who hasn't owned a house in the past three years. That is precisely the same qualifying definition.

What's a Mortgage Credit Certificate and Who Qualifies?

An MCC “reduces your tax liability depending on a share of the mortgage interest which you pay.

In case you qualify for the MCC, you can claim 20% of the interest you pay as a credit on your own federal income taxes. It's possible for you to save around .

You will have the ability to join this with the $8,000 tax credit should you qualify for 2009, for the MCC. This could reduce the tax liability of a buyer's .

Who qualifies for an MCC is based on the cost of the property as well as your income you are purchasing. Household income means the “gross income of the mortgagor and any individual expected to reside in the residence who's 18 years old or older.”

House price limitations that apply in Durham Orange and Chatham Counties and the income are listed below.

MCC Income Limits 1 Person $61,500 2 Individuals $61,500 3 Persons $70,500 4 Men $70,500

MCC Sales Cost Limitations New Dwelling $220,000 Existing Home $210,000

Who Qualifies for Down Payment Assistance?

Home buyers that need help with their down payment and closing prices may be able to get down payment assistance - or, put simply, interest-free, deferred second mortgages up to $8,000. The customer only has to pay $1,000 of their own funds and the load would pay up to $8,000 of the remaining balance.

This program has stricter income limitations than the MCC plan summarized above. Like the MCC application, it might be used along with all the new $8,000 tax credit on home purchases between December 1, 2009 and January 1, 2009. The deposit help, nonetheless, can not be applied in combination with all the MCC. This is an either or scenario.

House price limits that apply in Durham, Orange and Chatham Counties and the income are listed below.

Down Payment Assistance Income Limits

1 Man $39,950 2 Individuals $45,650 3 Individuals $51,350 4 Persons $57,050

Down Payment Assistance Sales Cost Limits New Dwelling $210,000 Existing Dwelling $210,000

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