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Andreas Schliep


Andreas works as Scrum coach and trainer and sometimes executive partner for DasScrumTeam. After a rather boring visit at the technical university of Bremerhaven, he decided to explore his software development capabilities back in 1993. Not after long, his passion for software development was accompanied by an not really neglectable talent for dealing with people. So Andreas fulfilled a couple of roles, including team lead, project manager, product manager, Scrum Master, Scrum Master of Masters - MoM and whatever.

2006 became a special year for Andreas, when he joined SPRiNT iT to start working completely as a Scrum coach and facilitator. Retrospectives came to his attention almost immediately - as a necessity, pleasure and pain. Andreas believes that the inspect and adapt cycle implemented by agile processes can only work with the element of skillfully practiced, dilligently performed - and caring retrospectives.


Andreas' professional passion is to find and fix the bug. Wherever. Not limited to software.

Having two sons in the age of 21 and 15, and a 13 year old step-son, there is no actual need for a hobby. Whenever possible, Andreas seeks opportunities to practice and perform as a singer. Alas - he had to leave his band in 2006 when becoming a jetsetting Scrum coach appeared more important than weekly practice sessions. Another great passion is reading: From Terry Pratchett to James Joyce, from Stephen King to Heinrich Heine, from Shakespeare to Tolkien. You won't see Andreas without a thick English book - he is a fast reader and thin books in German are finished to soon…

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