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What Vimax Pills Are Manufactured from

vimax pills nz - Vimax can be a natural penis enhancement supplement that's been shown in several tests to create gains of up to 3-4 inches in total over a 4 month period.

Taking a look at such amazing results, it's tough to think that they are often achieved having a natural supplement instead of a prescribed chemical or hormone.

vimax pills new zealand - The key to the success of Vimax is in the powerful mix of the herbal ingredients it contains. They are herbs and substances which were useful for years in a variety of cultures to improve libido, lenghten penis girth, enhance sexual arousal, while increasing blood flow during erection.

Some of the herbal ingredients in Vimax include:

Epunedum Sagitum or Horny Goat Weed

It is a powerful natural afrodisiac shown by chinese doctors to enhance sexual and physical sensation. It does this by helping the release of testosterone which also causes increased circulation, resulting in harder erections.


Ginko was used for upwards of 5000 years in chinese herbal medicine for increased blood circulation and oxygenation. Besides improving blood flow to the genitals, Ginko also improves mental capacity and thinking processes. Furthermore because of these properties Ginko is shown to cure impotence in 78% of male subjects tested.

Cayenne Fruit

vimax nz - May prevent strokes without increasing blood pressure level and has properties of rebuilding tissue, especially attractive the genital lenthening process.

Saw Palmetto

Proven to stimulate low libido in men and possess powerful afrodisiac tendencies.


A historical supplement recognized to invigorate the blood, building blood and sperm. It also contains one key thing that alters bloodflow towards the brain and penis which eventually causes the arteries of your penis to flourish and also be.

It's these components combined in a specific fashion that cause Vimax to accomplish results that are equal most of the time to the results of physical enlargement surgery. Not only this but with things that are typical natural there isn't any side effects and the user can certainly still use the supplement safely before the desired size is attained.

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