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Angela provides agile software development consultancy, training and coaching to teams and organisations. She specialises in “building the right thing” and works closely with organisational stakeholders, end-users, business analysts, user experience specialists and software developers to bring agility into this space. She has over thirteen years of software development experience and has been applying agile techniques since 2003. She has experience with a wide range of agile methods including the two most popular methods, XP and Scrum.

She complements her professional experience with her PhD research into the agile customer. Her research utilises in-depth case studies on a wide range of projects worldwide - discovering not what people think should have happened, but what really happened and what actually worked. She continues to work in industry while undertaking this research; she is on-track to submit her thesis in April 2008.

Angela also teaches the Agile Methods course within the Software Engineering Programme at Oxford University.


Angela is a Kiwi exploring the world and living in London. She is missing the beaches of New Zealand, but loving the experience of living in London, including her first trip to the ballet at Christmas to see the Nutcracker (something she has wanted to do since she was 5!). Angela loves animals, photography, reading and riding her motorcycle.

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