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The Walking Dead Dance to Free Downloadable Music at

Hot new Halloween music tracks have the freedom at website that strives to place the thrill back into the holiday with the best songs of year, plus a hilarious “Walking Dead” parody video.

Hollywood, CA - Halloween music needs to be upbeat and fun. Happy Halloween music like the popular hits “Monster Mash” and “Thriller” have largely been substituted with a depressing group of recordings that are hard to dance to. That’s exactly about to change as stereo and DJs consider with this year’s best, high-energy Hallow's eve songs of year.

Halloween Music Lives is dedicated to providing danceable music for that month of October when every one of the ghouls, goblins, vampires, monsters as well as the living dead throw Halloween parties. HML encompass all aspects of music from Rap to Country to World music. This top music distributor can also be an excellent source of musicians to share with you their Halloween remixes and original party songs with fans. The site’s song lists celebrate Halloween 2014-2015 with all the original music created by the best upcoming artists making scary Halloween tracks…danceable.

Paul Ramos, the founder then one of the creative masterminds behind,launched the favorite website this year and started accumulating Trick or treat music, songs, and remixes that celebrate what should be the most party-packed holiday of all.

“Halloween is approximately fun. It’s about getting wearing a costume and pretending to become someone or anything else for some time,” Ramos said. “We give you the soundtrack for you to get your Halloween dance on.”

The website also produces Halloween themed music videos, including a hilarious break dancing video made in the spirit of AMC’s zombie series “The Walking Dead.” Actors portraying Walking Dead favorites Daryl Dixon and Michonne dance it up in “It’s Time to Eat,” by Da Disciple Brothers. The parody video even includes original artwork by The Walking Dead’s comic artist Robert Kirkman.

Some of’s most popular free downloads:

It’s Time to Eat Someone by Disciple BrothersVampire BluesAttention (Original)

Paul Ramos’ distribution company, Disciple Brothers Media, also writes and produces music for films, TV, games and podcasts. “We’re always trying to find good music. If artists would like to submit their tracks, just go to the site,” he states.

All of the music at costs nothing. Ramos encourages visitors to use the site to talk about their music with everyone, to make this year’s Halloween parties the most effective ever.


About Halloween Music Lives is a website dedicated to providing free Halloween music to DJs, radio stations, Halloween parties and events. They support new artists making use of their music distribution company Disciple Brothers Media. is a top music distributor and resource for musicians who would like share their Halloween remixes and original party songs with fans.

Contact: Halloween Music Lives a Disciple Brothers Media Production 3717 S. LaBrea, Suite 512 LA CA 90016 Email: Phone: 323-422-4077

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