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Hummingbird feeders had been starting to become created about 1928 but a National Geographic post in 1947 applied a newly created strobe flash to show hummingbirds in flight at a feeder and interest was heightened outside the scientific community. In 1950 the Audubon Novelty Corporation offered an cost-effective feeder and hummingbird feeding has in no way looked back.

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Right now, feeders are offered in an infinite array of sizes and styles which are offered nearly everywhere. What sizes and types are finest is often a continuing argument amongst specialists. Even though you will find several that have additional desirable options, most adequately placed and maintained feeders will provide food for the hummer and enjoyment for the feeder owner. Pros and cons of numerous readily-available feeders are discussed right here.

You will discover almost as several designs and sorts of hummingbird feeders as there are people who feed the feisty small birds. Hummers will frequently come to any feeder that is effectively cared for and well placed in an region where they have room to maneuver after they've located it. Besides these standard factors, one can start off a vigorous argument in regards to the merits and dangers of a particular style of feeder and which is very best.


Ants could be a genuine dilemma. Moreover to being annoying, they are able to get into the nectar and die there. This can be an unsightly mess and can contaminate the nectar.

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Ants might be deterred by the usage of “ant guards” which hang between the hook plus the feeder. Two kinds are normally obtainable in birding shops and occasionally within the bird section of hardware shops. One is actually a cup which is filled with water and forms a moat the ants are certainly not in a position to cross to get down for the feeder. The second variety is definitely an inverted cup between the hook and feeder which is smeared with cooking grease or commercial “tanglefoot” compound to deter the ants from crossing more than for the feeder.

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