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Arthritis and Persistent Shared Signs

Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in america. Double that of heart trouble. Triple that of respiratory trouble. Five times that of diabetes. Over six times greater than that of stroke!

In the Centers for Dis-ease Control

Are you feminine, Caucasian, have a smaller knowledge, and over-weight? Then you run the greatest danger of either arthritis or chronic joint symptoms. Read the latest data from the Centers for Infection Get a handle on (CDC)

These research left me amazed. Just for openers:

Arthritis and chronic joint symptoms influence not quite 70 million Americans, or around one of every three adults, which makes it one of the very most common diseases in the Usa. Since the population ages, this number increase substantially.

Arthritis is the best cause of disability in the Usa. Double that of heart trouble. Triple that of respiratory difficulty. Five times that of diabetes. Over six times more than that of stroke!

Nationally, health care for arthritis cost nearly $22 million in 1995 (latest figures).

Total costs, including health care and lack of output, realized $82 billion in 1995.

That has arthritis?

While the CDC reports: 'The occurrence of arthritis is high for several demographic groups, but particularly higher among women, older people, and individuals with less education.'

What's being done?

The CDC reports that in 1998, the 'first ever' intend to address arthritis using a public health strategy was released. Identify further on our related site - Click here: relevant webpage. This plan was created by the Arthritis Foundation, the CDC, and the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, with input from more than 90 companies. The plan recommended measures in 'Three main areas for people and organizations interested in reducing the effect of arthritis.'

Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Prevention Re-search

Communication and Education

Plans, Policies, and Systems

For some reason, this evokes a picture in my mind from it show 'Star Trek Voyager' where the holographic Doctor is supporting one of his true patients recover from a knee joint injury. The crew-man is in great pain, while the Physician dispassionately tells the patient to 'live with the pain and do the exercises.' The crewman, exasperated at this attitude, complains to the Doctor

He was set to not hurt his people. The holographic Doctor quickly replies 'I was set to do no harm. However, I can inflict the maximum amount of pain as I


Within the press, we are inundated with tales about AIDS, SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), Heart Problems, and even the newest outbreak of the West Nile

Virus. Be taught more about research lower back pain sleeping by browsing our poetic article directory. Yet, you hardly hear anything concerning the greatest threat to our quality of life… Arthritis!

I want to repeat the results of the CDC (Centers for Dis-ease Control).

'Arthritis and chronic joint symptoms influence very nearly 70 million Americans, or about one of every three adults, making it one of the most common diseases in-the United States. As the population ages, this number increases dramatically.'

One in Three

God forbid you are a Caucasian woman, with little education, and are 30 pounds or more overweight (fat).

So what can be achieved?

The CDC recommends: 'We could do the powerful items that aren't being done enough. If you have an opinion about English, you will possibly need to explore about back pain from sleeping online. Re-search implies that physical exercise decreases pain, enhances func-tion and delays disability. Additionally, clinical tests suggest that avoiding mutual incidents and maintaining a great bodyweight reduces the risk of devel-oping arthritis and may possibly reduce disease progression. Finding an early diagnosis to ensure that proper management, including self-management, could be caused

Might enhance the standard of living for people with arthritis. Early diagnosis and appropriate management of arthritis, including… self-help courses, weight control, and physical exercise can help individuals with arthritis function better, stay productive, and lower health care costs.'

Has your Medical practitioner ever told one to keep your weight down, keep diet and just keep doing your exercises, and keep taking your medicines and just try to live with the pain?

What else can be your Doctor likely to say? Are we mad? Can it be that when your Doctor said anything else it would mean committing economic suicide?

I understand most health practitioners are hard-working and doing their best and in many cases are achieving unbelievable things.

But, the pres-sure to use drugs and more drugs is over-whelming. It's maybe not their fault! It is ours!! We expect them to cure us.. and head to them for a magic bullet. and with not needing to make any lifestyle changes. Is this fair to the doctors? Needless to say maybe not!

'I Healed My Arthritis You Can Too'

Margie Garrison

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