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Bradley R. Nelson, PMP, CSM

Agile Mechanics, Inc.

565 King Avenue Marion, OH 43302 740.360.8586 [email protected]

Bio of Bradley Nelson, PMP, CSM

Brad has 28 years of experience in IT as a Developer, Consultant, Program Manager, Certified Project Manager, VP of Application Development, and ScrumMaster. A technical IT manager with a background in software development, infrastructure, database, and device integration, Brad has performed international on-site Project Management and Consulting services for 150 companies nationally and internationally. With extensive Sponsor, Client, and Customer interface experience developing and delivering requirements, Brad has experience in Fortune 85, Private Industry, Software Vendor, Value-Added-Reseller (VAR), Start-up, and Consulting companies, and has managed a large customer base in a software development environment. Brad has numerous IT certifications and is equally proficient as an Agile Scrum or SDLC Project Manager.

Professional Interests:

•Rapid and / or phased Agile methodology implementations, especially within a structured SDLC Project Management Organization (PMO) at the Enterprise level. •Structuring Agile Retrospectives to support and reinforce a rapid implementation, or a phased implementation of Agile methodology in the Enterprise. •The effective use of Agile Retrospectives within the framework of Team Building, in particular as it relates to Team Building Models, i.e. the Team Maturity Model (Cautious Team, Challenged Team, Congruent Team, and Constructive Team) or the Bruce Tuckman Model (Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing), etc. •Bringing the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the Agile communities together in terms cross-functional methodologies and team collaboration styles.

Personal Interests:

Hiking, jogging, mountain climbing (in Colorado!), classical music, and reading history. Brad is married to an Art Teacher (Jane). His son Ben is a newly minted Lawyer in Columbus, OH, and his son Matt is a newly minted CPA in Chicago.

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