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Emmanuel Gaillot works as a team coach, (extreme) programmer, facilitator, trainer and systems jiggler. For the last 9 years he has been helping software makers to be better at, prouder of, and happier about the work they produce. A regular speaker at many conferences on Agility, Emmanuel also organizes the annual Agile Open France conference. He is one of the founder (and still assiduous member) of the Coding Dojo in Paris. In 2011, he has organized with Maria Gomori a Satir Training in France. Emmanuel works in Paris at /ut7, a self-organized, co-operated company. He currently focuses his energy and passion on shaping self-organizing structures and co-learning spaces.

On a less official note…

I leave in Paris, a city with which I'm deeply in love – and in which I stay and work most of my time. I'm still looking for a way to spend a third of my professional time as a coach, a third as a theatre director, and a third meeting the Agile Family at conferences and camps. I'm not there yet, but getting closer - eventually. I'm about to get published as a theatre translator, and now that I “own my” (a fitting, yet over-simplistic approximation) company, I don't have to ask anyone's permission to make time and meet and greet whomever I want. Now, if only days were just a bit longer… ;^) I value humor, good food, people with eclectic music taste, people who laugh out loud. I like to spend my private time at reading and writing.

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