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Johanna Hunt

2013 Bio

General Aboutness

I'm both a practising academic and professional - although I remain a little unsure about what that latter term really means.

I've been coaching and facilitating teams since 2005, alongside working in academia. I've recently branched out from a brief excursion into the heady world of corporate agile and am now slowly getting to grips with a new set of challenges.

joh.jpgI plan to learn whatever I can, whenever I can, although I tend more to lurking in the shadows and listening. :)

I'm particularly hoping to improve my general facilitation skills, super-charge my enthusiasm, find out some interesting new ways to approach challenges and meet many lovely and interesting people.

I have some particular interest currently around tangibles for collaboration and understanding in planning sessions and retrospectives, storytelling approaches for teams, ways we could think of to help steer academic research to be useful/interesting for the community, and approaches to breaking down large messy problems. For the latter I'd love to share what @theagilepirate and myself have created.

2008 Bio


Johanna (Joh) is a researcher from Brighton UK, currently working towards her doctorate in Informatics with a particular interest in programmer communication and collaboration, specifically what the details of social storytelling can tell us about reflective practice and process change.

She leads postgraduate classes in research methods, interdisciplinarity and group processes as well as acting as an agile coach and retrospective facilitator for a local company. Joh is co-chair of the Agile Alliance funded Agile Narratives Project and enjoys organising social events in her home town including regular coding dojos.

This will be her first time to a Retrospectives Gathering and she is eager to find out more.



I have an enduring passion for traditional storytelling, folklore and board games. I’ve recently developed a fondness for playing Werewolf ( In an ideal world I’d also be able to find the time to learn to speak Norwegian, something I have been failing to do for many years.

In case anyone wonders I took to calling myself Joh (pronounced Joe) as a child after getting frustrated at always having to point out there was a ‘h’ in my name. For some reason this silly affectation stuck.

I often dye my hair interesting shades of blue and green, which makes me slightly easier to spot in a crowd.


Twitter: @joh

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