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Why I'm here?

I'm an agile coach and a trained solution focused coach. 2010 was my first rfg and I'm looking forward to share my experience in solution focused coaching and retrospectives with others and learn from their experience. I'm especially interested in how to successfully offer larger retrospectives with more than 10 people lasting more than a day and there inpact on the organisation as a whole.

What I do, did ...?

My IT career started in the mid 80s at the Universities of Cologne, Bielefeld and Edinburgh, studiying Computational Linguistics and AI.

I work as Agile Coach mainly for large organizations like Allianz Insurance, Daimler and Telekom AG. My first contact with Agile was in 2006, when I got certified as a ScrumMaster by Ken Schwaber, while working as a technical project lead for Siemens.

I did my first retrospectives, when I worked for Boris Gloger's Sprint-IT back in 2007. Thank you Peter for introducing me to this adventure! Besides facilitating a lot of sprint retrospectives I offer 1day Retrospective Workshops for it-agile und the ScrumCenter. I also offer larger retrospectives at the start of an agile transition or the end of a release. Unfortunately few customers take more than a half day of time to do this.

Recently I started working for Valtech Germany as an Principal Agile Consultant, Agile Coach and Trainer.

For more details on my agile carrer have a look at my LinkedIn profile

Who is with me?

I'm married to a wonderful ScrumMaster named Grazyna Scherer, who helps me to better 'self-organize' my business and travels with me :-)

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