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Retrospectives Training - Flow & Frameworks


Karen & Simon


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To create a 4C plan (Training from the Back of the Room) for a training session on retrospectives, either as part of a Scrum Master course, or for a dedicated retrospectives course.

Learning Objectives

Initially we gathered learning objectives via a shout out:


and then followed this up by brainstorming, clustering and dot-voting, which resulted in 7 main themes for the learning objectives:

  • Participation
  • Flow/Frameworks
  • Safety
  • Preparation
  • Traits and Tips
  • Techniques
  • Actions


Training Plan for Flow/Frameworks

C1 Connections [5 min]: Question either as a ball toss, or table discussion, or pair share “How did you learn from a project in the past?”

C2 Concept [10 min]: Jigsaw puzzle of the names of steps in a retrospective framework, and a description of the steps. Participants have to put the names and descriptions together, and put the steps in the right order. Variation: Could do a different framework at each table and have them share their results at the end to get an awareness of several frameworks.

C3 Concrete Practice [10 min]: Participants match either snippets of conversations, pictures, or video clips to different stages of a retrospective.

C4 Conclusions [5 min]: Participants discuss what would happen if one stage was missing or Participants discuss how this compares to what they do today or Participants discuss which framework they will use in their next retrospective


Next Steps

We will hold another session on Wednesday to do a 4C plan for techniques.

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