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Open Space Law and Principles

The gathering is organized using Open Space Technology a meeting format originally created by Harrison Owen.

The meeting agenda is created at the gathering by the participants. Any attendee can convene a session.

Open Space is guided by one law and four principles.

The Law of Two Feet

(also known as the Law of Mobility in settings where participants don't necessarily have the use of both feet)

The Law of Two Feet – a foot of passion and a foot of responsibility – if you're neither contributing nor getting value where you are, use your two feet and go somewhere where you can. It is also a reminder to stand up for your passion.

The Four Principles

  • Who ever comes is the right people
  • Whatever happens is all that could have
  • Whenever it starts is the right time
  • When it is over, it is over

Session Convenor

You choose a space and time for your session. You make sure that the session is facilitated and record on the wiki or on flipchart paper your key learning points which you bring back to the whole group to summarize (main points not replay of the session) in the report back timeslots in the schedule.

Bumblebees and Butterflies

Bumblebees and Butterflies are those people who “flit” from session to session.

  • Bumble bee: The ones who move from conversation to conversation cross-pollinating the learning.
  • Butterfly: A butterfly may not want to be in any conversation, instead they prefer to sit on the lawn and look beautiful. A new, unexpected conversation may happen when two butterflies meet.

These people can pollinate and cross-fertilize, lending richness and variety to the discussions.

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