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Roman Neumayer has been working in the telecommunication branch of Siemens for nearly two decades where he was involved in various areas from hardware engineer in a testlab to software system testing and quality assurance. The increasing amount of distributed projects formed his interest in bringing the people together and to focus more on communication rather than only the technical aspects.

So he joined the network of project experience and became facilitator of project retrospectives, kickoff meetings, strategy workshops, innovation workshops and various other kinds of workshops too. In 2008 a merger of this more soft fact oriented approach with a classic hard fact oriented project management approach took place. Since then he is in charge of an international network of facilitators offering facilitation services to the whole organization.

*** On a personal note:

Together with my family I live in Vienna and enjoy the growing of my little son who 4 years old now. This summer we are awaiting our second child. Before I started family live I was very much involved in various kinds of sports and backpacking where I also met my wife. Most of my time grown on an ambulance station I learned the importance of immediate hands on help very early.

My personal interests for this gathering are:

  1. - to meet people with similar profession and interests
  2. - to discuss experiences about the influence of different group sizes
  3. - to hear about concrete experiences of “virtual” retrospectives
  4. - …
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