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Sallyann Freudenberg ([email protected])


Sallyann Freudenberg is a full-time agile coach at Screwfix Ltd. Along with coaching and mentoring Sallyann does a substantial amount of facilitating, and is known for bringing ‘tricky’ sessions to successful outcomes. These sessions tend to be tricky either in terms of subject matter (e.g. retrospecting on unsuccessful or emotive events) or participants (e.g. many stakeholders with differing viewpoints and opinions).

Sallyann has recently completed a PhD in collaborative software development. She focused in particular on the subtle ways in which members of agile project teams (especially pair programmers) interact. Sallyann is fascinated by the cognitive and behavioural aspects of our interactions and has published (under her maiden name of ‘Bryant’) in The International Journal of Human-Computer Studies. She has also presented her work at a range of international conferences relating to Agile methods (Agile, XP), Collaborative working (COOP, VL/HCC) and the Psychology of Programming (PPIG).

External representations are also a key interest. Over the past 4 years Sallyann has been an active member of the CRUSADE research project, which considers the effect of using different types of representation on debugging outcomes. She has also analysed the manner in which informal representations and other artifacts play an important role in our problem solving.


Scuba Diving is my big indulgence. I've logged nearly 700 dives spread across locations including: Palau & Yap (Micronesia), Sipidan (Borneo), The Maldives, The Pemba Channel (Africa), The Red Sea (Sharm, Wadi Lakhami, the Sudanese border, Jordan), Thailand (Andaman sea, Similan Islands), Flores, Kimodo and Bali (Indonesia), Greece, Turkey, Ireland and a very murky lake in the midlands .

I’ve recently moved back to the ‘country life’ of the West Country after many years, so I’m busy adapting. When I’m not playing in the land of play-doh and cup-cakes with my 2-year old, I’m making the most of the North Devon coastline and am currently trying to learn to surf. I’m a bit of a fair-weather surfer though, so have only made it to ‘competent kneeler-upper’ so far.

Contact me

Email: [email protected] Phone: +44 (0)7952 257757

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