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Solution Focused Retrospectives

Proposer: Ralph

Participants: Aino, Linda, Klaus, Oana, Lisbeth, Christiane, Cyril

Set the Stage

  • Circle


Appreciative Questions, from one person to the other

  • What have you done you are most proud of?
  • What else?
  • What was most exciting for you during the last period ?

Idea: find a common positive ground, appreciate each other. The people asking each other adds to the team character.


Each person on a post-it

  • Suppose this session was useful, what one topic should have been mentioned here?

Let people say it out loud afterwards and collect it visible to all.

Goal for the session

I give the team 10 minutes (+5 optional more) to find the common goal of this session:

  • At the end of this session, what will you have achieved for yourself and for the team?
  • So that…

Depending on the answers to the So that.. I ask into the motivation for that change even more…

  • And what difference will that make?
  • And what else?
  • And who will notice?
  • And what will they notice?

and let them record their answers themselves.

Scaling - the now

Invite them for an experiment: Please get up… Here is a virtual line representing the achievement of your goal… Where one end is 0, <…> is not achieved/does not exists/… and the other end is ten, where everything is perfect w.r.t. <…> …

On this scale, where would you stand with respect to your goal?

People put themselves on the scale. Once this is done, ask each person (I tend to start from the lowest scale position to the highest), e.g.

  • So what works already so that you are not on 0? What else? And what else?
  • How did you do that? Personally? As a team?
  • How do other see that?

This creates a shared picture of the team's perspective regarding the goal. It is all asked positively.

Scaling - the desired future

I tend to ask “what is a realistic timeframe for the change to happen?”, to use this for the next question.

Where would you like to be in … (e.g. 3 month)? Please position yourself there.

Then ask into the future, each person:

  • What is different? What else?
  • What do you do differently now?
  • How can others see that?
  • What impact does this have? For your? For the team? For others?

The idea is to create a shared picture of the desired future.

I then ask the team to write this all down on e.g. a mindmap.

First Signs

Then I ask the team to think about

  • What would be first signs that you made a small step towards this goal? What else…? …
  • What do you do differently? …
  • What do others do differently then?

Detail small observable successes

The End

I finish with another appreciation round. e.g.

  • Thank you … for being here today because…


In our discussion we spoke about Actions. I tend not to ask for actions as the small steps should be detailed enough to guide the team towards their goal.

Klaus added “Julio Olalla's Formula”:

  • Change happens when
    • will x
    • attractiveness of the goal x
    • confidence in its feasibility x
    • clarity of the first step
  • is >= (assumed) effort involved

Negative talk:

  • Suppose you have told me all about it, what … ?


  • Peter Szabo and Inso Kim Berg, Brief Coaching for Lasting Solutions
  • Peter Szabo and Inso Kim Berg, Kurz(zeit)coaching mit Langzeitwirkung
  • Daniel Meier und Peter Szabo, Coaching - erfrischend einfach
  • Daniel Meier, Team Coaching with the Solution Circle: A Practical Guide to Solutions Focused Team Development

Training, e.g.:

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