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Thomas Schmidt works as fulltime in Betware/Certus as a programmer,online community organizer, product owner and retrospective facilitator (phew).

Thomas holds a MSc in Computer Systems Engineering, but likes to complement this field of work with human contact. Thus he has been engaged in shaping processes and teaching colleagues on various ways of improving interaction patterns and knowledge management. Besides working, reading a lot and improving his photographic skills, Thomas loves to spend time with his wife and 6 year old Starwars smitten son.

In 2009 Thomas started Retroflekt, which seeks to offer introductions to the retrospective way of thinking and working for software development firms. So far this project is still in its adolescence, but 2010 will hopefully be the year where a handful of local firms will start integrating retrospective activities into their project lifecycle.

You can find Thomas on LinkedIn here, or read a few retrospective tweets

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