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Topic Incubator

Use this space to let folks know what session topics you're thinking about and see what they're considering. What's on your mind that would benefit from a discussion with your peers? Questions, information to share, inspirations, exasperations, ???

  • how to mess up an agenda - this is a top ten list our facilitation study group brainstormed from our own experience. It's not limited to retrospectives, but probably also not totally off topic. If there is interest in it, we could present it, talk about it, and compare it to your own experience… ~Ilja
  • I've got a simulation to go with 'how to mess up an agenda' (it's called… Agenda, from the out-of-print book 'playing politics, the nightmare continues') - we played it at Agile Open France, and it was good fun (and eerily realistic in a sense) ~Willem.
  • how to keep iteration retrospectives short - in an article, Rachel recommends 30 min. per week. I could use tips on how to keep retrospectives that short. ~ Ilja
  • Useful ways of capturing, expressing and re-visiting retrospective actions. Suggestions on creating something other than a list with names against it - Sallyann
  • What would make retrospectives attractive for both the team and sponsors? I mean why are they not more popular? Is it just friction and uncomfortability, or are there more underlying hard reasons not to do retrospectives? - Ari
  • How to measure the effectivity/usefulness of retrospectives on project and/or organasational level? How to prove that our work as facilitator was worth? E.g: quality improvement in a developer team 3 months after the workshop. Suggestions on possible metrics are welcome - Ervin
  • Writers' workshop for papers about retrospectives - Linda - Dick Gabriel has written a book about Writers' Workshops, unfortunately it's out of print, but fortunately, he has provided a pdf of the manuscript! and here's an executive summary (this process can be used for anything, so substitute “paper” for “pattern”). This is a chance to receive gentle, supportive and constructive feedback on a retrospective paper you might be working on. Bring several copies of your draft.
  • What are the underlying principles of Retrospectives? What are the values, beliefs, and mindsets that support us? What is our theory base? What practices express them? - Diana (sharing a bunch of ideas for possible sessions, no promises)
  • Transitioning from iteration retrospectives to release and/or end of project retrospectives - Diana
  • Project Kick-offs, Futurespectives, and Chartering; setting the context for retrospective learning - Diana
  • New (and old faithful) “tools”; what's in your kit? I'll show you mine if you show me yours. ;-) - Diana
  • Activities that don't show up in any of the books - Diana
  • Experiences with IAF ( and IAF certification - Frowin
  • How do I advertise myself as a retrospective facilitator on my Web page? Is it possible at all? Basics, useful components, should I blog, what can I learn from the others? - Andreas
  • Eat your own dogfood - I would like to learn more about personal retrospectives for retrospective facilitators - Andreas
  • How to encourage people to find solutions in non-threatening ways. E.g. you are in a retro and a symptom is raised. You as a facilitator might intuit what the underlying issues are but cannot say them outright. One technique is to raise up some common issues seen before and let the team find out where they fit. What are some other ways to get people to find their way?
  • Retrospective War Stories - Learning through observation is sometimes a more effective way of learning than if you're caught up in the middle of things, particularly when they are going wrong. What situations have you seen or heard about that made a retrospective less effective? I'm keen to uncover everything from participants, topics, activities, facilitators and environments as this could be a useful guide for people to learn from. What advice would have helped that situation? I've started a small list to seed discussion, titled “When Retrospectives Go Wrong” - Pat
  • Research into Retrospectives - I'm keen to find out if anyone knows what active research projects are currently underway perhaps linking back to what Ervin was interested in. What questions or research topics would give the community additional gravitas when proposing its use in different circumstances? I'd like to brainstorm some of these ideas, understanding they would help people and the community. It might be a useful tool to talk with Universities or Colleges about. - Pat
  • How to Handle My Brainstorming Results? - In the past months we had several cool brainstormings, where we generated lots of ideas. Unfortunately there were actually too many for us to handle. We lost focus and came up with no good idea how to separate the wheat from the chaff. Anybody out there, who can help? - Sandra
  • Create an activity - We want new games, exercises, practices? Why don't create one? Let's use our creativity to enhance an existing exercise or create a new one. - Andreas
  • Retrospectives for larger groups - say, a local Agile community

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