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What continuous really means ? Is a “continuous retrospective” a support for continuois improvement ?


Individual retrospective each day Having a permanent timeline where team members can put items and improvement initiatives before doing a team retrospective ( like the iteration retrospective) Kaizen events

*Tips for “ continuous retrospectives”

From the Toyota kata : Have as a prerequisite a shared vision : high level can be achieved in a very long term , probably never ( horizon) Have a mission statement this binds the team members to achieve the vision ( keep in contact) Set up shorter term measurable goals called “ Target Conditions” Do a personal daily retrospective answering the following questions:

  1. What is the vision?
  2. What is the target condition we're trying to achieve?
  3. Where am I today?
  4. What can I improve today?
  5. What will I be tomorrow?

Visualise the timeline of improvements . Use the Marin's model : capture the high ground , stay in touch, keep moving ! Improvement is considered from 2 perspectives “ toward a better product ” and “toward a better team”

We have drawed together the “ big picture” of a continuous improvement by high frequency baby steps retrospective together. The picture is uploaded

Group foundings

Continuous is still discrete, as we, as human beings, work in discrete cycles. Even improvemement is cyclic, so there is no “continuous” improvement. Continuous improvement is a state of mind that can be trained by doing “ high frequency retrospective” e.g. : Retrospectives after each team specific action ( aka “ retrospect after “estinguishing the fire”)

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