Retrospective Facilitator Gathering

Regardless of what we discover...

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MVR - Minimum Viable Retrospective

Proposer: George Dinwiddie

Participants: Alex,… (I didn't record this. Please add your name.)


Outcome: (indication of effectiveness)

  • Learning (joint)
  • Decision / Action (joint)
  • Common bond / Togetherness

A [new / joint] Perspective

  • on what happened
  • on what is possible now

Principle: Demarcation from normal working

Principle: Shared picture

  • Facts
  • Views of others

Principle: Understanding the outcome goals

Principle: Facilitation skills are necessary

Facilitation: Suspend judgement

  • About people
  • Premature conclusions / decisions


  • Safety
  • Risk-taking
  • All voices
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