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Playing the fearless journey game

Proposer: gitte

Purpose: Try the game

Participants: Alex, Ilja, Linda, Simon, Klaus, Kai, Josef, Andreas, Charlotte, Birgit, Martin

Webpage: There is free download of the game, a more professional version to buy and a set of German slides for introducing a 90 minute session for experiencing the game.


The result is a list of thing we learned by playing the game, and some applies in general to playing games :)

These are good reasons to play the game:

1.Learning the game by playing it and not just reading about it

2. Learn about the patterns

3. Experience collaborative problemsolving with use of patterns

4. Social brain is better. Even when we are good at stuff we benefit from thinking together

5. Put what you want people to learn into action not only the message. In this case part of the mechanics of the game is to appreciate eachother, so people will do this and the effects will come without people needed to know why it is important.

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