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ASCII Deborah Hartmann Preuss: coach with a mission, “bringing joy back to the workplace”

In 2001 I joined a team that threw out RUP and used Scrum to save a project stuck in analysis paralysis. There I discovered that even with working software and a healthy team, if bridges have not been built to the rest of the organization everything is at risk. Since then I have been helping teams both to adopt Agile, and to create a better ecosystem for collaboration within their organisations. I have been an independent Agile coach and trainer since 2005. I am also a trained personal and team coach, having completed programs in 2008 with The Coaches Training Institute and Newfield Network coaching program. I moved one year ago to live in Karlsruhe with my wonderful husband Ilja Preuß, *whom I met at Retroasis 2007* !

I am the creator of the Agile community on, a builder of community and co-creator with Naresh Jain of, of which there should be at least 5 this year! I am participating in the Diversity Project this year - an Agile Alliance sponsored event showcasing extraordinary women in our business, deserving of recognition.

I don't know exactly what I want to explore here … but if you are interested in it, probably so am I! I can provide an update on the corporate culture retrospective I presented in 2007, and would like your input on how to make it more useful. I can contribute ideas from my coach training on helping teams talk about “making and keeping promises,” using “powerful questions”, and by sharing my experiences.

I can't wait to see you all (again), and I am excited to share with you the exciting growth I have experienced by following coach training!

reach me on my German mobile at +49 151 50660940

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