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M1 - Monday 11th

How to manage the difference between facilitating and teaching

Characteristics of a good facilitator


Characteristics of a good teacher



Facilitating vs. teaching*

  • Group focus vs. individual focus
  • Process ownership vs. content ownership
  • Guiding vs. directing
  • Discovery vs. understanding
  • Invisibility/transparence vs. centered focus
  • Understanding systems vs. understanding adult learning
  • Help the group/team achieving or changing or … their goal vs. the teacher owns the goal
  • Group dynamics focus vs. individual behavior focus

* might have been facilitating vs. teaching vs. training vs. consulting but we defined facilitating and teaching to be the most important and suitable topic of the session


  • When you don’t make your current role clear
  • Asking leading questions instead of exploratory questions
  • If the facilitator go for her own goal instead of the group goal
  • Trying to do too much at once (facilitating and teaching)
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