Retrospective Facilitator Gathering

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This session was a simulation: an “enterer” had to enter a group who was doing some activity, ackowledging the enterer's presence in three different ways.

  1. The group protects itself and keep the enterer out of it
  2. The group warmly welcomes the enterer and tells him what to do
  3. The group acts as if the enterer were already part of the group, makes space for them but no more.

No talking was allowed during the simulation. We had few participants acting as observers.

This is what the group has learned and wants to share -

  • While entering a group, early moments are important
  • Doing simulations is valuable
  • Exclusion can become the goal of the group
  • Explicit transmission of 1) what is the work and 2) how it is done… aids integration
  • New members will assume the group has a goal and a defined process (even if it's not the case)
  • It's worth paying attention to how we, as facilitators, enter groups
  • Facilitators have pavliovian response to chimes ;^)
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