Retrospective Facilitator Gathering

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Sample Contexts

  • Short sprints 1 or 2 weeks long
  • Technical team concerned by the important technical debt
  • Time driven development - linked to law application constraints - that increases the non quality
  • Retros take place every end of a sprint
  • Retros are about 1,5 hour long
  • Team size : under 10
  • Team profile: developers and experts

Risks to get a retrospective ineffective:

  • Too short to get good results
  • Incomplete Follow-up
  • Same activities lead to boredom
  • Too complex actions to implement in too short sprints
  • No visible benefit of retros – “Why to contribute more?”
  • Time pressure
  • Lack of new ideas – talking about the same things


  • Full Retros - once every month combined with short checks on weekly retros
  • Release retrospectives
  • Let the team define the exercise(s)
  • Invite a guest facilitator
  • Be observer on other retros
  • Invite an observer on your retros
  • Build a guideline exercise plan for each team (to aviod using the exercises in the same team)
  • Do the “Subjective plan analysis” → domains of influence: “Commit”/”Influence”/”Soup”
  • Simple actions – log a story in the backlog for the next iteration
  • Invite stakeholders as participants and allocate them action items that request their decision
  • Write a 5 pages paper on this type of situation – helps clarify
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