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Coaching as a means for Retrospectives

Proposer: Ralph

Participants: Jutta, Aino, Sandra, Ilja, Sebastian S.

This session turned more into a discussion on coaching and facilitation…


  • use coaching skills in facilitation
  • use facilitation skills in coaching
  • coaching and facilitation as a continuum
  • we want neutrality of the coach/facilitator (also regarding domain and e.g. “agile” knowledge)
  • Facilitator and coach are “process” experts - one for facilitation and the other for coaching


We think, coaching is (in comparison to facilitation)

  • less busy
  • more self-reflection
  • needs more trust in themselves and in the coach
  • more confidence radiated by coach
  • more revealing, vulnerable
  • coach reframes and emphasizes the positive
  • coaching requires even deeper safety


  • Coaching: collect some questions you feel comfortable with that guide the coaching process
  • Facilitation: prepare exercises, etc

Facilitation is more short-term than coaching where coaching is more personal-changing approach towards a greater goal. Coaching is more vision oriented.


  • Some said, in coaching one would need the allowance to challenge more, to help people to get out of comfort zone.
  • “As agile coach I also know when not to give an answer.”
  • We can wear different hats for our role - not sure this is good for a coach.


  • Shared spirit: A ⇒ asks B, what would C say… ? + extra chair for the group spirit
    • SANDRA, could you please fill out more about it?
  • Say yes to…, say no too
    • Example: to say yes to working in pairs, I will say no to checking my email every 10 minutes
  • positive observation homework: please write down, whenever you see … (something positiv) is happening

How to get the team to try it

  • offer coaching for retrospectives as a an experiment to the team

Coaching Schools

  • Solution focussed Coaching
  • Co-Active Coaching
    • Fulfillment, Balance, Process
  • ORSC: Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching

Possible Retrospective Process Elements for a coaching like approach

  • Appreciation
  • Venting - all negative things to the coach
  • Ressource Hunting (Gathering)
  • Find Team Vision and the purpose for that / meaning
  • Find the goal for the session
  • Establish a contract with the team (psychological contracting)
    • communication, collaboration, within the team and with the coach, expectations towards the coach, handling of answers

Alternative Meaning

  • Coaching for the team and facilitator through observing the retrospective
  • Work with facilitator to prepare a retrospective


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