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Notes provided by Mark Kilby; please refactor


EXPERIENCES - Charlotte - Hubert - others

AGENDAS FOR THIS TYPE OF RETROSPECTIVE Seems to vary in… Gathering Data - Nokia Test - Agile Test (Rally) - … what else? - Lean techniques


EXPERIENCES: Charlotte experiences: - sales people like new ideas, but are challenged in implementing new ideas - teaching lean

Rachel: Accounting Department - their processes; gathering day, improvements Marketing Department

Andreas: Internal org Training Marketing

Ainsley: All over HP Internal Customers - benefit: broadcasting Done “by the book” How we ???

Oana: a starting tool for agile (as a form of agile introduction) - internal sales classic model (by the book) “another way of thinking”

Esther - social area - natural resources

Mark - volunteer; non-profit groups

Ronica - non-profit groups, many roles

Diana - agile alliance - learning area - a way to introduce agile (start with a retrospective; what is the strategy we want to focus on?) - other ceremonies - work programs for government energy agencies (once every 3 months)

APPROACHES: Project or charter - needed? role? - seasons (for project to consider)

Forward rolling approach

Action Learning → Acts 16:5 “implementation”

Plan Do Check Act Appreciative Inquiry Volunteer groups - reducing stress on staff - ??? (more here on flipchart ??? )

Retrospective w/“the hierarchy” above the transition re: agile process implementation - 2 short meetings over 2 days - may have to do data gathering offline - skim for high level insights - then let them sleep on it - take photos of the timeline

Do participants see the “value” of the retrospective - will it change anything? - otherwise difficult to get their attention

Retrospective as mediation or on failed projects to repair relationships Charlotte: projects that have gone wrong

  1. use talking stick and yellow cards

Esther: failed projects with much contention; - goal: repair relationships

Retrospective is not our ONLY tool - World Cafe (The Change Handbook by Peggy Holman) - Conversation Cafe - Open Space Technology - many other

- you want the biggest toolkit possible and understand how they can work together - coaching change requires more tools and more people


- Projects vs. Continuous (Operations) – projects have natural boundaries for retros

- Kaizen (continuous improvement) vs. Kiakaku (radical change; sp?) – you can have both in both

Each retrospective is unique


Collecting data - pros & cons

Timelines (and many variations) - PRO(s): like gaining concensus - CON(s): Time consuming

Satisfaction / Temperature Check - PRO(s): - CON(s):

Expert Interviews / pre-meeting / focus groups - PRO(s): - CON(s):

Surveys (could be pre-work) - PRO(s): - CON(s):

Risk Grid (FRIM - FRequency vs IMpact) - PRO(s): - CON(s):

Records Reconaissance e.g., how many Dilbert cartoons per cubicle (& nature of them) e.g., productivity - PRO(s): - CON(s):

Reported work vs. actual Map Workflows / Process Mapping (Esposed vs. Actual) - what should you be doing? - what did you really do? - PRO(s): - CON(s):

Community Map / Value Stream Mapping - PRO(s): - CON(s):

Context Diagram - PRO(s): - CON(s):

Draw pictures - PRO(s): - CON(s):

Artifacts - PRO(s): - CON(s):


Retrospectives to things other than IT projects

Selling continuous consulting support

Do NOT sell a process; sell an outcome - sell the benefits of retrospectives - this is a methodical way to evaluate how things are going - know what matters to them

- the Learning Organization: I don’t have the answers, but I know how to help you extract the answers from your team

Objections: - line items (& veto) skipping - we already did this (How did that work for you? Did you get the outcomes you want? Then why are we talking?) - doesn’t deliver real work - Cost - too Touchy-Feeling (TF) - too much bad things will come out → appreciative retrospective

Objections is one way to sell; can feel like you talked them out of it; can feel icky

Quote of the session: “I have one more thing; it will just fit in the bottom”

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