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How Do Timebox Retros Work for You?

  • Always on time at the start & at the end, respect timeboxing is critical for trust (Diana)
  • Always on time at the beginning, but not that much at the end
  • Planning before
  • Managing the dynamics of the group
  • Use the “Parking Lot”
  • Backlog for the next Retro
  • Backlog of Issues
  • Frustration on the “Parking Lot” is a “Trust Breaker” and that is facilitator’s responsibility
  • Time Sense
  • The meeting takes time on “Gathering data”

How to Get the Highest Value First?

  • Understand what value means – Where’s the group’s energy?
  • Value has to be defined by the group
  • Identify the circle of influence
  • Greatest beneficial impact
  • Get input from the team how to do a retrospective
  • Be the group memory
  • The least possible amount of time for a retrospective is 90 minutes
  • Prepare Gathering Data before the retro: eg: cards on “MAD, SAD, GLAD” in a shoe box. That works well on short iterations
  • Make timeline always visible
  • Entertain the “Burndown Chart” with the Timeline
  • Ask the team if they want to discuss longer
  • Timeboxing is an example of integrity
  • Control time consuming participants – lean on their shoulder, “break the transe”
  • Get a fairly focus
  • Set an agenda of the retrospective – place the focus
  • Timebox the agenda topics
  • “Upload” actions, make them visible
  • Retrospective is a real meeting, not the “Friday Afternoon Social Hour”
  • Talk to the PO on One to One, to understand his focus
  • Recast the roles in the meeting – eg: who’s the timekeeper?
  • Cut the debate technical vs. functional and put it in the transversal way: “what outcome”?
  • Don’t use a chart of a meaningless environment
  • Keyword the chart and put it on a flipchart.
  • Coach the SCRUM Master

How did the session work?

  • Have FUN, provided some reminders (Diana)
  • Timebox was Oana’s problem (George)
  • Someone else than Oana should have written down on the flipchart (III)
  • Invest people to help
  • Analyse the causes of minimal investment
  • Enjoy working hard
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