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Evaluating the usefulness/effectiveness of retrospectives

Proposer: Ralph

Participants: Kerstin, Cyril, Ervin, Sebastian L.


  • Questionnaire for teams and managers to evaluate usefulness ⇒ “benefit” audit
  • selling retrospectives, need Data
  • external define goals for retrospectives might lead to in-effective retrospectives
  • Don't need a happiness index


  • A retrospective is useful/effektive when
    • learning occurs
    • change is initiated
    • a shared picture is established
  • A retrospective has always an effect. Would there be another (cheaper) way to achieve this effect?
  • Trust - missing when this question is asked
  • Retro and success - what comes from what?
  • Fluctuation is a measurable effect of employer satisfaction


  • Ask the manager, how s/he would know that a retrospective was successful?
  • Ask the other that would feel the impact, how they would know that a retrospective was successful?
  • Ask the team, how they would know that a retrospective was successful?

from the questions, build a radar with different axis, e.g.:

  • employer satisfaction
  • recommendation of project/product/company to others (net promoter score)
  • quality
  • learning
  • team collaboration
  • customer satisfaction

Note, naming the scales already influences answers and behavior.

See how measure are implemented, e.g.

^ Measure ^ Change performed ^ Scaling ^ Achievement ^

yes/no 0—x–y—z—-10


  • x = start
  • y = now
  • z = want to be

Note, is seems not to be an effective measurement when we look at the transfer rate.

  • Change could have happend without the retrospective,
  • not changing a particular thing from the retrospective might be the right thing

Measure time/money of particular improvements, calculate costs without change and with change

Story telling: capture success stories for future use/telling

Other things

  • literature on the effectiveness of coaching could be helpful - research
  • Give to research: How would a measure implementation metrics tell anything about the usefulness of retrospectives?



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