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III's article on "Immunizing Your Project Against Failure"

Chartering Training


  • a contract between those who have money to spend (Gold Owners)
  • those who have the capability to get things done

System Embezzlement (need spelling and explanation???)

How does a Charter come to be?

  • Ideally, the Gold Owner should draft it
  • In reality,
    • it's someone else (e.g., the team) that drafts the charter and then presents the draft to the Gold Owner(s) for discussion
    • there may be a case where the Gold Owner drafts a charter and the team rejects

4 Primary Components to charter

  • Objectives
  • Boundary Exhibits
  • Committed Resources
  • Authorizing Players

III's context diagram

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  • external measurable effects by a certain point in time
  • Internal - ???
  • External - where Gold Owner is focused at a point in time
    • Cyclic – recurring
    • Operational – immediate
    • Tactical – near term
    • Strategic - an objective that is 3-5 years out

Boundary Exhibits

  • “Context” - (from weaving)things that are nearby and “Scope” are fuzzy
  • we need a crisp boundary → context diagram
  • Context Diagram
  • Key Events Roster - the instantaneous external occurrences that cross our boundary and provoke an internal response that is:
    • Instantaneous
    • Systematic
    • Planned
    • Essential
  • Discretionary key events - an external actor makes a choice
  • Temporal key events - e.g. Jan 31 payroll; what happens?
  • Key event is a more crisp concept than user story

Committed Resources

  • in reality, this is a “bet”
  • People, tools, facilities, etc.
  • Permission to iterate
  • Mandatory support for retrospectives
  • Access - to information or authoritative decision making when needed

Authorizing Players

  • consenting consumers - people you can look in the eye
  • they should answer 2 questions
    • Is the work to date acceptable?
    • May we continue?

And there is more to a charter:

  • Vision - a statement of the best possible future for the largest number of people for the greatest amount of time (ideal end state; end of the Yellow Brick Road)
  • Mission - it sets a path for the work to follow and starts to narrow the choices
  • Principles - statements of value that guide and reward desired behavior
    • value statements by themselves are just neat ideas (the seed corn for principles)

Charter should be the least malleable artifact, but it can change

Better to have many small charters than one big one

  • this is agonizing the first time because it's probably the first time they are being measurably accountable

Moral of the story: We can't guarantee that we can meet the objectives

What would you need to provide Chartering Facilitation Training

  • More in-depth persistent documentation
  • Simulation: for each section
  • Benefits/Whys/Consequences of chartering
  • Attention to getting the right people together
    • pitfalls of wrong or missing folks
  • What happens without a charter: simulation
  • Chartering Activities (exercises)
  • Self-referential chartering
  • Avoiding being seduced (related to objectives ???)

A charter is a retrospective's way of having another retrospective. A retrospective is a charter's way of having another charter.

Values to Principles

Value - a quality so important that it influences your life

Principle - a statement of value that guides and rewards desired behavior

Values are

  • usually 1-2 words
  • not immediately actionable

e.g. Agile Manifesto includes Values AND Principles; you need to read both

e.g. Consultant's Camp is organized by Principles

Exercise: Convert Values to Principles

We Value (as attendees of the 2009 Retrospective Facilitators' Gathering)

  • Honesty
  • Shared Enjoyment
  • Trust
  • Tolerance
  • Willingness to Cooperate

for exercise, we pick …

Value: Tolerance


  • every interest is “in bounds”
  • we welcome divergent points of view


  • A way to get out of a dilemma or conflict in the group is to develop a principle that derives the opposite behavior
  • There are priorities to values
  • Values and Priorities are contextual (it depends on the boundaries)
  • Thomas Jefferson: “We hold these truths to be self evident…” What is a truth so self evident? (another tool for Personal Retrospectives!!!!)
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